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Why You need to freshen up on Communication Skills

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Advanced communication skills are often underrated and undervalued, but the power of these skills in gathering and conveying information, building relationships and increasing patient satisfaction, are undeniable.

Download my free Guide to Advanced Communication Skills, available at the bottom of this page.

Not only is competence in communication skills essential for clinical practice, it forms the backbone of patient care. from first meeting patients, to navigating the ups and down of the patient journey, to managing breaking life changing bad news, our communication skills are our arsenal.

My free guide covers general advanced communication skills, information giving (including breaking bad news), how to manage patient anger, smoking cessation, and more!

Why do I need to manage any patients?

Dealing with patient anger can be an especially challenging situation, with aggression towards NHS staff recognised in the results of the 2020 NHS Staff Survey:

“More than one in four (28.5%) said they had experienced harassment, bullying or abuse from patients, relatives or members of the public”.

Unfortunately, the survey also found “almost one in seven (14.9%) experienced physical violence”.

I hope that awareness of skills to avoid or deescelate these situations, helps to empower and protect our fantastic NHS team.

Download the complete guide here, and feel free to share:

TheNorthernDoctor Communication skills booklet
Download PDF • 7.10MB

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